Bitcoin (BTC) shoots over $ 12,000 and hits new highs for the year

The Bitcoin continues to climb higher, will we still see the $ 100,000 this year? One thing seems to be fixed, if the price rises in the next few weeks, at least soon a new all-time high will be seen.

Bitcoin reaches one year high after the other

The uptrend in Bitcoin continues and seems to have no end. Bitcoin has reached a new high for the year and has been worth over $ 10,000 for several days now. In today’s Asia trading session, the price was further pumped up, reaching $ 12,973.

The BTC market capitalization is currently over $ 223 billion, the domains is over 60 percent. Unlike the Bitcoin, it looks in the BTC Altcoin trading pairs that are falling ever deeper. While the Bitcoin has made up a good 10 percent, the Altcoins have partially lost twice as much. The current movement of Bitcoin currently shows no signs of a reset.

Gemini CEO, Tyler Winklevoss recently said nothing will stop Bitcoin from reaching $ 15,000 once the $ 10,000 is up. This prediction seems to be true.

In addition to the Bitcoin, the trading couple Ethereum also gained 8 percent against the US dollar. The current value is over $ 330. XRP has also gained something with the Fiat pair, posting a rise of about 3 percent in the last 24 hours. NEO has also risen more than 14 percent in the Fiat pair, overcoming resistance at $ 20.

Should this bullish trend continue in the next few weeks, a new all-time high could well be seen again.Many analysts assume that the bitcoin dominance with over 60 percent is currently too high and this could push a small deadlock, since even here a small reset would be necessary.

On the other hand, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, has recently said that bitcoin will certainly reach a price level of $ 100,000 by December 31, 2019.