Dutch central bank promotes gold: everything else is in danger

Anyone who has doubts about the usefulness of physical gold should read what the Dutch Central Bank has to say: Gold never loses its value!


Gold not popular

Gold has actually not suffered much in financial circles. It does not pay interest. One can sell it only with small margins. And then you have to take care of its storage. At the beginning of the 1970s, politics began to demonstrate gold in favour of unlimited expansion of the money supply. Before, it was an integral part of our monetary and financial system. And there are good reasons for that. Gold creates stability and security. Anyone who still doubts this should listen to what a European Central Bank has to say here: De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).


Gold: Everything else is in danger!

The Dutch central bank publishes information on its gold reserves on its website. It also describes the advantages of gold quite frankly and ultimately also explains the reasons why more and more private investors are placing their bets on the precious metal. There it says: “Shares, bonds and other securities: everything is in danger. If something goes wrong, the prices can sink. But whether crisis or not, a gold bar always keeps its value.” And continues: “Gold is the ultimate piggy bank: the anchor of trust for the financial system. If the entire system collapses, the supply of gold offers security for a new beginning. Gold gives confidence in the power of the central bank’s balance sheet. That gives you the feeling of security.”


Gold secured at home

And DNB has worked hard over the past months and years to ensure this trust and security. In 2014, 122 tons of gold, or 20 percent of its own gold reserves, were extracted from New York in a secret operation. In 2016, plans were presented to transfer the gold reserves to a domestic military base, and the move was now announced. The official gold reserves of the Netherlands are estimated at 612.5 tons. Gold accounted for 69.5 percent of the total reserves.