Fit for the future – new study opportunities for blockchain technology in Ireland and the US

In Ireland, starting in September 2019, the first master’s program will be offered for Blockchain. This was announced on 29.05.2019 in Dublin by Minister of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation, Heather Humphrey. The program was developed by Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet together with Dublin City University.

Ireland’s degree program aims to attract talented young people while helping Ireland pioneer Blockchain technology, Minister Heather Humphrey said at the launch of the Masters in Dublin. The program is part of the Irish Government’s Future Jobs Initiative. The initiative aims to anticipate and respond to future labor market needs.

The Irish Government attaches great importance to the development of distributed ledger technology in this context. She launched the Ireland Blockchain Week as part of the National Blockchain Strategy. The study program was published within this week. In developing the program, Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet worked with Blockchain Ireland to find out what skills are needed in the morning sector. The degree program aims to teach these skills from September 2019. It is a part-time online study program run by industry experts and Dublin City University.

Wharton School offers blockchain-focused finance program

Also at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is set to the merger of business and educational institutions. According to its own statements, the institution reacts to the rapidly changing requirements of the financial sector.

The FinTech: Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies program covers topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as continuing education in crowdfunding, modern investment and insurance technology. The course is taught by Penn Faculty professors and finance lecturers.

Blockchain study programs continue to be popular

In the education sector, new courses in blockchain technology are emerging worldwide. Brazil recently announced the first master’s degree in blockchain technology. There are also some initiatives and study opportunities in Germany. In the US, universities such as Duke, Cornell, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the New York University (NYU) offer degree programs.

Dave Feenan from the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet sums it up with the new degree programs and training opportunities to prepare for the “jobs of the future”.