Harald Seiz “Think Big” – Taken from life – the book!

As an entrepreneur, Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz looks back on many milestones of success. He founded Karatbars International GmbH in 2011 and initially managed his company on his own. Today, the company, which has developed a gold-based digital currency, is a globally successful player.

Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz founded a bank and acquired a gold mine. But even if these facts alone speak for groundbreaking successes, the successful author of Think Big is far from having reached the end of his visions. His aim is to revolutionize the financial market and to make his means of payment indispensable. The constantly growing success and the high market acceptance worldwide speak for the fact that he is only a stone’s throw away from his goal.

On his way there and on his life, which began little spectacularly in poor circumstances, he has produced an authentic, honest and unique publication in the form of THINK Big. Dr. Seiz also had a vision while writing the book. He wanted to share his path to success with interested people and show that dreams and visions are there to be realized and lived.

Thinking big is the foundation for big changes.

The book is not called Think Big without reason. Even if success can be achieved in small steps there’s a big, overflowing thought in the beginning. Those who think outside the box has the best chances. Stones and bigger hurdles can be found everywhere on the way, Harald Seiz knows and describes his own setbacks also in his book. But those, who listen to the doubting voices and the smile of his fellow men, have already lost without even having begun. “Think Big” is a courage booster and a book that motivates and shows the reader that he can do everything – really everything that is that he wishes he could do. Surely some people have it easier, while others face immense challenges and must first and foremost overcome their own blockade, the barrier within themselves. But whoever is convinced of his idea will automatically develop a concept on how he can put his thoughts into practice and turn an idea into an empire. As shown by Seiz and Karatbars International GmbH’s own example, the success does not need a rich parental home, but just an idea and someone who has the courage toto implement.

Most readers will recognize themselves in various passages of the book and find out for themselves that they have already left valuable potential lying – or worse, have acted as idea givers for other people. Who speaks too openly with the wrong ones about its idea, does not have to be surprised that the idea is realized and the idea giver remains even without success behind.

Talking is silver. But silence and action is success.

Who does nothing, can move also nothing. Who dares something, can lose, in return however also register largest successes. Harald Seiz is a prime example of an entrepreneur, who made it from bottom to top and beyond. Since one should share one’s happiness with other people and with society, he wrote this book and with Think Big laid the foundation for the reader’s success. The author emphasizes several times that it is not the orientation of the idea that counts, but the courage to act and the chance in risk. Doubters and open-minded critics should be allowed to speak and their goal should be pursued consistently. No one is immune from failure, but those who do nothing also exclude success for themselves. The book gives courage and motivates you to take action – with certainty.